26 February 2011

Some Audible Mantra Resources

I've been browsing the Free Buddhist Audio website and discovered some gems.

Mantras of the Five Consorts
Vessantara himself chants the mantras of Locanā, Māmāki, Paṇḍāravāsinī, Tārā and Ākāśadhātvīśvarī. Vessantara has been on retreat in Germany for several years now.

A led Mantra Meditation.
A led meditation using three mantras: Vajrapani (energy), Avolokiteshvara (compassion), and Manjusri (wisdom). Plus Q and A with Paramānanda (author of Change Your Mind: Practical Guide to Buddhist Meditation).

The Sound of Reality.
by Padmavajra. "This richly rewarding talk explores the place and function of sound in Buddhist practice and history, as well as within Padmavajra's own spiritual life." Padmavajra has been based at the Padmaloka Retreat Centre since 1990 leading retreats and study especially for men training for ordination into the Triratna Order.