26 March 2009


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Saw an interesting version of the Kālacakra monogram in Tibetan script on Flickr and decided to have a go at a Siddhaṃ version. I think the result is quite pleasing, and it is as far as I know unique. The syllables included are: haṃ kṣaḥ ma la va ra ya.

More info on the Kālacakra Monogram


  1. A thousand and one thanks for your magnificent work ! ...

  2. Thanks Anon. I do like it when people leaves names - feels more like a connection is made, but it's not compulsory.


  3. Whats up with your email account?? been trying to send you a mail for the past week or more, keep getting bounced back... anyway

    how are you ?

    here what i have been trying to say:

    I see you have been creative with some lovely calligraphy shown on
    Flicker.... and i have enjoyed keeping up with your blog that you kindly
    added a piece on me some time back... i have actually recently opened my
    own blog to give a bit more back ground info supporting the my studies on
    scripts and where used with the tattoo design i seem to do more and
    more.... i made a link to you through the blog page and will do more as i
    can see many relating subjects. here is my new blog link:


    If at any time you would like to make any new blog entries let me know and
    i can forward you any relative images for that use, or for your planned
    book...... sounds exciting....

    I hope your well.

    with best wishes,