01 June 2009

Readers' Work

Seishin recently sent me an example of his work - inspired by visiblemantra.org. This is a fine piece of work on many levels. The flame effects are hand-made marbled paper, while the calligraphy is done with a specially ground pen and a flat brush - for the hāṃ. This is the bīja and mantra of Acala Vidyarāja or Fudō Myōō as he is known in Japanese.

This is a stunning setting for the mantra and an interesting combination of East and West. As I wrote to Seishin - the cool blue of the hāṃ amidst the hot yellow and red flames invokes one of the fundamental Buddhist metaphors: the coolness of nirvāṇa

I'm more than happy to see, and to showcase other people's work if anyone wants to send any in.

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