30 July 2010

Jayarava Inteviewed for Buddhist Geeks

A while back I was approached to do an email interview on the subject of Buddhist Calligraphy for the Buddhist Geeks blog. The interview, entitled Mantra, Tantra and the Art of Beautiful Writing has now appeared on the Buddhist Geeks website, which I suppose confirms my status as a Buddhist geek! Hopefully more people will give some thought to taking up this fascinating and beautiful art.


  1. Great Jayarava !

    The Interview was good.. I particularly like this

    //that I can read and appreciate Kūkai’s Siddhaṃ calligraphy and he could read mine.//



  2. Hi Vinod,

    Thanks. I was pleased to be asked, and pleased how it turned out! It an amazing thought isn't it! And if I could be bothered to learn Brahmi I could read Aśoka as well!