03 October 2010


Watching Tashi's video (see below) I was inspired to create a seal design for my name. This uses the script known as phags-pha. The Bablestone website tells us that this is an old Uighur script. The Uighers are a Turkic speaking people who live in the steps north of China, especially in the Xinjiang province.

The geometric forms of the letters makes them suitable for inscriptions (carved in stone for instance) and seals (which are in fact often carved in soft stone.

Here is ja ya ra va surmounted by anunāsika or the more elaborate form of the anusvāra with chanda/bindu.


  1. Ten out of ten Jayarava, well done... a very competent seal design, like the way the sun and moon motif is incised into the border.

    happy stamping.

  2. Hey Tashi, Thanks! I guess I'll have to bite the bullet and get a stamp made!