17 January 2011

Visible Mantra Book

I've just physically cut the proof copy of the Visible Mantra Book in half so that I can begin to work on corrections while my proof reader continues to work on the 2nd half. I'll be working mainly on the text, though some of the images will also need work. Once this phase is done the mantras in various scripts will all need careful checking. Then the formatting of the book can be tweaked, and finally an index created once the pages have settled down. Still a lot of work to do, but making progress.

I am starting to get an insight into why a book like this is a risky venture for a commercial publisher - if everyone was being paid for their time it would be very very expensive.

I still hope to get the book done by the time of the Triratna Order Convention in Aug.

I really appreciate all the donations that people have given over the last year, and all of the emails and comments. The 50p idea did not raise very much money in the end, but it may well cover the cost of hosting the website - I haven't counted up yet.

Thanks for all your support, and please continue to exercise that great Buddhist virtue of patience.

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