25 March 2011

Book Progress

I've just received back the proof-read draft of the book from my Tibetan/Chinese expert. There is some work to do on the mantras and Buddha names in those languages, but not a huge amount. I've also been speaking to the artist I commissioned to do the cover art and he tells me that his work is nearly ready. Finally the English proof-reading (the most daunting task) is close to being finished.

I want to do some indexing, though I suspect that most people will find the structure of the book guides how they use it, and the contents pages are quite helpful. The book is now 263 pages of A4 - it's turned into a bit of a monster!

Although I don't have a deadline I'd like the get the book finished for the August 2011 biennial Triratna Order convention (where I hope to sell many copies!). I seem to be on track for this.

Meanwhile I've been piecing together another Visible Mantra project which will bring together various already published work along with some original essays. More on this when everything is in the bag.

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