23 June 2011

Final Cover Design

Well, here is the final cover design for the book. Front and back. The background image is made from layered Mandlebrot set images I made a while back (see more on my Flickr site). The lettering on the front is a garbhadhātu maṇḍala with a, ā, aṃ, aḥ, and āṃḥ, and the Avalokiteśvara mantra in white. The back is part of the Karaṇḍamudrā Dhāraṇī. I'm quite pleased with this, it is striking and communicates something of the content, and the fire of my own passion for the subject.

I still want to check a few little details - for example I need to thank another friend in the acknowledgements that I had overlooked. But the text is basically finished. I hope to be able to announce that it is for sale by the end of next week - but you know if you've been following this thread that everything takes longer than expected! Nearly there.

If anyone is going to be at the Tibetan Calligraphy workshop with Tashi Mannox in London this weekend, then I look forward to meeting you, and I will have a proof copy of the book to look at.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Jayarava,

    Absolutely Cool Cover !!!

    It is really nice, to see all of your hard work come to fruition at last.

    All the best for your new book !!!

    BTW is the Backcover reads : Tadyathaa Alokadhipati Lokatikrante[...] which is the Nilkantha Dhara a.k.a MahakarunikaCitta Dharani. :-)