26 July 2011

Mystery Calligraphy

A friend sent me this image of some calligraphy obtained in Nepal asking what it says.

It looks like dbu me or one of the other headless scripts. I'd guess it says:

shes bya ཤེས་བྱ་
"object of knowledge"

c.f. the THL Dictionary definition.

When I searched for shes bya I found this book, and the image on the book jacket appears to confirm my suspicions: c.f. the first characters of this book jacket.

Am I correct?


  1. indeed correct translation and one of the headless scripts pronounced drutsa འབྲུ་ཚ། in both the calligraphy and the book title.

  2. Thanks Tashi. I knew you'd get it in a flash. I am quite pleased to have got it right :-)