07 April 2011

Sacred Calligraphy of the East

I noted earlier today that Sacred Calligraphy of the East appeared to be out of print, and is suffering a massive inflation of prices. I wrote to Shambala Publication, and I've heard back from them:
Unfortunately, Sacred Calligraphy of the East is out of print. Our last printing of this title was in 2002 and there is no planned future reprinting. Once books go out of print, they are harder to find and the prices to buy them does go up quite a bit. [sic]
Only demand is likely to result in the book being reprinted. Please consider writing to Shambala Publications ( to ask them to reprint the book. Meanwhile I will investigate the possibility of producing my own edition of the book. I suspect it might be more than I can afford, but hopefully we can work something out.

1 comment:

  1. Just an update.

    It seems, the book is available again at Amazon UK.


    I just ordered one for £14

    Vinodh Rajan